Media Conversion

VHS ConversionDon’t let memories fade just because they are stored on a VHS tape, a Hi8 tape, in slides or even on vinyl! 605 Productions can easily convert these files to CD or DVD. Below are our base pricing plans. For large projects, please contact us directly for special bulk quantity pricing.

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  • All prices include basic packaging; special packing will incur extra charges.
  • There is a $10 charge for each additional tape when more than one tape is combined onto one DVD.
  • Digital files can be transmitted on flash drives or on our Box FTP site. Transmitting files on a flash drive will incur the cost of an appropriately sized flash drive provided by 605 Productions.
  • Slides or pictures onto DVD or CD are a $30 set-up and $2 per slide plus DVD/CD cost. Music, a title page and a creation of a ‘slide show’ is $175 and includes the set-up fee, the first 25 slides/pictures and one copy/master DVD.