Event Planning

Have a special event coming up? 605 Productions has you covered— events are our specialty!

Corporate Events

Do you need your shareholder’s meeting broadcast worldwide? Or maybe the launch of your cutting-edge new product? Drop us a line! We can combine our expertise in the areas of photography, videography, graphic design and television/web production to meet your company’s audio, visual and print needs, as well as the web and television presence to match.

Events- Corporate Meeting

Sporting Teams and Events

Do you represent a sports team who could use some extra publicity? Talk to 605 Productions! We can handle all your media needs— from designing your programs to designing your graphics to streaming your games live to the internet or television. 605 Productions will work with you to reach a marketing and media solution to fit your needs and to grow with the needs of your organization.

Personal and Family Events

Coordinating anything with family is hard. 605 Productions can help bring your family closer together by helping bridge cities, states, countries, and even continents. Whether you want your event recorded or live streamed, we can help bring the event to your loved ones. Some events that we have covered are family reunions, memorial services, funerals, concerts, and many more. Contact us to see the solutions that we can provide.

Events- Family Reunion